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Confidence is key. Having a Warranty to support that confidence is simply a byproduct. 

We aim to provide fair and reasonable solutions to your warranty claims. The Standard Warranty will address the majority of your questions. If you have any questions on our warranties or searching for more clarification, contact us, and we’ll be sure to help you out.

Standard Warranty

There is a 2-year full coverage warranty on your jewels purchased. This Warranty covers you for defects caused by flaws in manufacturing. In this warranty also comes a standard guarantee on our plated jewels, which means should the plating fade, rub off or disappear in any way, we will bring it back to new.

The warranty does not cover damage or scratches caused by wear and tear, deformation (bent ring or damaged claws), or lost gemstones or diamonds.

The warranty is voided if there are any alterations or repairs made by a third party outside of A&A Jewels Co. We strongly advise you to contact us with your questions to make sure we take care of you the right way.

This warranty applies solely to purchased finished items online or in-store. This does not include Made to Order or items brought in for custom repair. 

The requirements of the warranty are simple. Simply provide your proof of purchase of the item you are claiming warranty for.

    Suppose items don’t fall under the Standard Warranty. In that case, we can still offer a repair service to bring your jewels back to new. Visit our Jewellery Repair pages under Services to learn more.


    Upon confirming your warranty and details of your claim, mail your item(s) to the following address:

    9665 Bayview Ave.
    Unit 5
    Richmond Hill, ON
    L4C 9V4

    For all Repairs, the customer is only responsible for covering the cost of shipping to A&A Jewels Co. Alternatively, you can visit the address above to submit your warranty claim in person.

    For additional information, always contact us using our general email at