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Vermeil and Gold Plated Explained

Closely analyzing trends in the jewellery industry, dating back hundreds, even thousands of years, yellow Gold has been at the epicentre of jewellery craftsmanship. The colour is seductive and, in many ways, offers natural beauty just on its own. This perception has never changed and now has taken over the jewellery fashion world in two forms: Vermeil and Solid Gold jewels.

To minimalists and everyday jewellery lovers alike, Vermeil is leaving a profound mark. Unlike Solid Gold jewellery, Vermeil offers you the beauty, creativity, and glam at a more realistic price. To top it off, Sterling Silver carries value as a precious metal.

Let's Break it down.

How is it made?

There are two specific parts to Vermeil jewellery. First, the base metal of Sterling Siver and, second, a heavy plating of either 14KT, 18KT, or 24KT Solid Gold. Vermeil uses Sterling Silver, which inherently holds a higher value in its purest form. The amount of plating is also at a minimum of 2.5 microns, according to U.S. standards.

There are other details to look out for in Vermeil jewellery. Since the base metal is Sterling Silver, for those who have allergies, search for Necklaces, Rings or jewels made Nickel free. Nickel is typically the metal that causes allergic reactions, heavy tarnishing and discolouration in Silver pieces.

What's the big deal about Silver?

Remember, Gold plated pieces generally use copper or brass base metal. They inherently have little value as a precious metal. There are exceptions of Sterling Silver jewellery plated with Gold, and those make good options. Here's why: with rising market prices, Sterling and Pure Silver carries value to it. You're investing in something similar to Solid Gold, something of real value and fashion all at once. Copper and brass-based jewellery have little to no future value.

How to buy right?

While shopping for jewellery, information is essential. It should be presented to you directly and simply without missing any key points of information. Specifically, with Vermeil, ensure your online jeweller has the following in their product descriptions:

  • Metal - Sterling Silver is the best choice
  • Plating - the Karat used and durability
  • Weight
  • Overall strength

Whether you are a jewellery expert or introducing yourself to the beauties of jewels, you're shopping online. You need to "virtually touch it."

Tips on care for your jewels

It would be best if you cared for all your jewellery equally. To extend the quality and life of your Vermeil, plated Sterling Silver jewellery, use the following as a "perfection guide":

  • Silver oxidizes - if you're not wearing it, store it in an air-tight seal. Sealing the piece will prevent it from tarnishing
  • It's plated in Gold - treat it in kind with the cleaners and day-to-day chemicals. Harsh chemicals and overexposure to use will dramatically reduce the plating
  • Clean it carefully - use cleaners associated with the item you have. Gold cleaners for Gold and Silver cleaners for Silver without Gold plating

Vermeil carries a durable layer of Gold plating. Unfortunately, it's not invincible and will wear over time; a long time. Fixing it is also not an issue. Goldsmiths and Jewellers alike know how to refinish your demi-fine jewels and make them look like new. The process is relatively inexpensive and giving you a sense of longevity for your piece. Remember that investment bit we spoke about earlier? If you find yourself at an online jewellery store, search for tools to make shopping easier for you. Are they going the extra mile? If so, take an extra step with them.

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  • Jade Saer Jewelry – JADE SAER on June 19, 2023

    This jewelry store offers a wide variety of options, from classic pieces to modern and custom designs The elegant and welcoming atmosphere invites you to explore the brilliant window displays carefully adorned with high quality Sterling, Pearls and precious stones Trained staff guide clients through the selection.
    Jade Saer Jewelry – JADE SAER

  • Danny on February 02, 2021

    Very good read, thanks.

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