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4 Things You Should Know About Silver

What’s the first thing we think about when we think of Silver? If you said “look how nice it is”, you’re just like us and everyone else who loves Jewellery.

There are a few important factors to remember when shopping for Silver Jewellery. For some, it’s slightly more important than others, where the allergic reaction from Silver just ruins the idea of even buying it. We’ve decided to highlight 4 key areas to look for when buying your next favourite piece.

What’s it even made up of?

Sterling Silver is a combination of pure Silver and a mix of metals. Most times you’ll see copper content to help increase the structural integrity to 100%, yet reducing purity to 92.5% (more commonly seen as 925). 

The main reason behind mixing pure silver with other metals is simply to provide strength in your piece. Pure Silver, on its own, is a soft metal which makes it difficult to work with and, more importantly, maintain its perfection.

What makes it tarnish?

While pure Silver can tarnish, it’s the addition of the mixed metals that make the piece tarnish. Mixed, Copper and Silver tend to react in a way opposite to what we want; we get the tarnishing that requires some cleaning and maintenance to bring back to life. 

To learn the best ways to maintain your Silver jewellery, read our Blog on 4 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Silver Jewellery.

But, I have an allergy!

Yes, many people simply can’t wear Silver Jewellery because of that ugly colour that comes out on your skin after wearing something. 

With the innovations in the Jewellery industry, this stigma should slowly disappear. For some years now, Jewellery manufacturers have been crafting their Silver without the use of Nickel. Nickel - a metal used to increase the structural integrity of a Silver piece - is, by far, the leading reason for allergic reactions. Shop for Silver jewellery that has no Nickel content and you should be able to skip these allergies. 

If it’s not stamped, think twice!

The one area that cannot be compromised by a Jeweller is verifying the purity and type of metal they are selling. When shopping for silver jewellery, you should actively be searching for the stamp that verifies both purity and metal type. Though abbreviated, the simple stamp verifies what you’re purchasing. When purchasing Silver jewellery, look for one of the following:

  • 925
  • S925

If you find yourself at crossroads while shopping for Silver, don’t sweat it. The truth is your Jeweller needs to effectively demonstrate what you are purchasing. The right Jewellers will take the time to explain the key features you should be looking for, as well.

At A&A Jewels Co., we pride ourselves in delivering key information and quality jewellery. It’s not simply about wearing that Necklace; it’s about wearing that Necklace with pride and we get that. As such, we are always willing to take the time to speak to our visitors and assist them through their journey of shopping for awesome Silver jewellery!

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