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4 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Silver Jewellery

Without a doubt, at one point in time, you’ve done everything to ensure your Silver jewellery looks exactly as it did when you first bought it. You’ve kept it in the perfect pouch, or in your Jewellery Box. Then you look at your piece and say, what happened?!

The truth is, Silver jewellery is a bit more finicky than the rest. Sometimes you haven’t worn your favourite Bracelet for just a few months and then BAM: that Bracelet doesn’t even look Silver anymore!

Don’t worry, fellow Jewellery lover, we’ve got you covered. We’ve decided to provide you with 4 simple steps that will keep your Jewellery glowing for its lifetime.

Seal it and Leave it

Silver, if not properly packaged, will tarnish. In order to avoid it, it simply needs a cool, dry and moisture-free place to hide. The moisture-free part comes when you place your Ring, Necklace, or any piece in a sealed, plastic bag. The seal will disallow any potential oxidation. To learn more about why Silver can oxidize, read up on our article titled Sterling Silver - What’s it all about?

Woo! Take it off!

Jewellery is prone to wear and tear. Despite your hardest efforts, you will have the odd unintentional hit or scratch. While you may be practicing your workout routine, tidying up around the house, or getting your hands in the garden mud, take a break from the shiny new piece you just picked up. That Ring or Bracelet is going to get hit, it’s going to get scratched, it might even break. Our suggestion: just take it off. 

What’s that saying? Absence makes the heart grow fonder? 

Keep it Separate

You may find yourself storing a Ring and a Necklace together in a little pouch or bag. We’ve all run into this when getting our Jewellery prepared when heading out of town or a night out. However, when one Silver piece rubs on the other, the friction one holds against the other is strong enough to create scratches and slight imperfections. Yes, there is a way to fix it, but bagging them separately will also avoid a costly visit to your trusted jeweller.

Keep it Clean

Standard practice for any of the Jewellery you own is to clean your piece every 6 to 12 months. There are plenty of options of tools and solutions you can use to maintain cleanliness and sparkle. 

To do it yourself, pick up a Connoisseurs Silver Jewellery Cleaner and Silver Polishing Cloth. The directions are simple and you will be surprised at how clean your piece will come out after completion. If you have a hard time finding these products, you can pick them up from A&A Jewels Co. online store.

Overall, our suggestions while maintaining your Jewellery could go for days. The truth, however, is that we know how well you’ll take care of your Jewellery. If you ever need some extra suggestions or tips on Jewellery, in general, stay in touch with A&A Jewels Co. We continue to grow our list of resources you can read and learn from. If you’re interested in learning more about Jewellery, visit our blog or sign up to our Newsletter so you never miss a beat.

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